Venn Pongal

Everyone might be knowing of the festival “Pongal” celebrated in Tamil Nadu..It falls on the same day as Makar Sankranti……On this day, two types of Pongal are prepared…Sakkara Pongal(sweet version) and Venn Pongal(salted version)

Here I give you the recipe of Venn Pongal which can be included as your breakfast.

Take raw rice(2 cups) and wash it well to remove excess starch. Take moong dal(paasi paruppu-1cup) and wash this too.
Mix the rice and dal and add more than twice the amount of water, (In this case, 7 cups), add salt and pressure cook it. Allow upto 6 or 7 whistles.

Turn off the stove and allow the pressure to be  released. Now in a pan, heat oil.Add mustard seeds and allow them to splutter. Then add 2 tspns of whole pepper and fry with curry leaves. Add this to the cooked rice and dal mixture.

Pongal is now ready to be served.

This part is optional as many people may want to avoid ghee.
Heat a little ghee in a pan and add a few cashewnuts and fry then till golden.

Mix this well with the Pongal prepared.

Serve this hot always with Samabr or chutney or Gotsu.It loses the real taste when it cools down.
My husband and I like Pongal with Gotsu.

For Gotsu recipe, click here

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