The pic to be framed!

This picture is very special to me.
No, not because it is one of our family pics,
Not because it was shot at the ghat of the Holy Ganges,
Not because it was shot by a tourist,
Not because the miniature pic was printed and instantly gifted to us,
But, it reminds me that children grow up faster than we think of.
Yes, this was taken not even a year back and the moment is still clear in my memory.
In our trip to Kashi, i was tired of running after this 4 yo  naughty little toddler of mine, who was full of energy despite the soaring heat from the sun above us.
There was this cute man who happened to be a tourist too, with a costly(I assume)  SLR in his hands. He asked us a favor that he wanted to click a pic of us. (He had actually done me a favor by giving me a break from the marathon.:P)We obliged and Akash was too excited at the sight of the long lens in front of him, too and quickly followed suit. I carried him and there came an instant family pic. He was happy and gave us an instant printed copy of the pic.

Now, my son turned 5 and here I am, not being able to carry him anymore (heavier now) and he,in turn,does not want to be carried, too.
It is incredible that things have changed so fast. Kids, indeed, grow up in a jiffy.
And this is definitely a pic to be cherished forever. Owe a big thanks to my tourist stranger for this wonderful moment captured.