Goa- Yes, we went and came, as the name suggests:)

It was just like yesterday , the day the three knots were tied around my neck. 10 years!!! And we decided to celebrate it in style. With a toddler and a small baby with us, we meticulously chose the destination to be Goa. It was not a new place for the two of us, so we decided to go with the flow of the kids. Eat.. Sleep..Play/relax in the beach…

Day1: Aug 28,2019

Boarded the flight to Goa from Chennai. We were accompanied with a class of students who were being taken on an excursion to Goa. ( Man, I have never crossed Malampuzha, about 2 hours from my school on excursions.. Lucky them!!) Reached Goa and was happy to be received by “Goamiles”, ( similar to Ola/Uber), as the journey to Dona Paula (where our holiday home was) went smooth with it. We were amazed at the first look of the Vanguinim valley, serene, green and beautiful, and,were welcomed by a peacock, ready to dance in the drizzle. Had a simple Maharashtrian poha for breakfast and headed for a stroll nearby. We managed to click some selfies and non-selfies and headed back for lunch and a much needed nap following that. While sipping on tea, with the awesome view from our balcony, Dominic,the caretaker, told that he is heading to the town and that he would help us board the bus to Miramar beach. And whoa! We were thrilled with the thought of travelling in a local bus in GOA( where almost every other person is seen hiring cars or bikes). We walked down the beautiful Vanguinim valley to the bus stop(that was a solid walk of 15 mins) and after a long wait, boarded the bus to Miramar. I recollected travelling in BOBBY ( in kerala, buses have names instead of numbers), back during my school holidays in Palakkad. Nostalgia revisited and we ticked off the first public bus journey of my second son( 5 months) . My elder son was overjoyed at the sight of water on reaching the beach. Akash and Srini had fun in the water while Suvansh and I enjoyed the sunset.

Then we moved on to the capital, Panjim, in a bus, again and, after a tiresome wait, got our entry into a cruise. It was a relaxing one hour trip with karaoke, dance in the middle of the sea. Thanks to Goamiles , again, we headed to our guesthouse where garmagaram khana awaited.

Day2:(Aug 29,2019)

How much I have craved to sleep this long without having to worry about the everyday chores… Thanks to my darling kids, who were equally tired, waking up without any alarm was a bliss for me and Srini. And there, the beautiful drizzle and the peacock with his charming feathers were a bonus sight. Today we visited Aguada fort. I am not so fond of forts, usually, but the pleasant weather was in my favour and helped us enjoy the place.

We grabbed a quick snack(corn cob and some juices) from the local stall and got dropped at Panjim in front of Navtara restaurant. The place was crowded but we managed to have a decent lunch and headed back home.

Day3:Aug 30,2019( The D-day)

We decided to make an early start and proceeded to Calangute beach, the most happening one in Goa. However, due to heavy winds, we were not allowed to play in the water. Still, we had fun making sand castles.

We also got some filmy photographs clicked and printed as a memoir marking this, day, our 10th anniversary. πŸ™‚ Travelled in the local bus again for lunch and the sweet surprise awaited us( a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake) from my dad. Gobbled up some big bites and we planned to have dinner at Hotel Sanyog in Panjim. We blindly went with the Google reviews of the restaurant. I must say, the ambience, hospitality and the food was just yummilicious.

There were lots of varieties to choose from. From Mexican , North Indian, south Indian, etc… We ate to our hearts content and then took a short stroll in the city lanes before heading back to our room.

Day4:( Aug 31,2019)

We woke up with a slight gloom this day as it was our last day in Goa and lethargically had breakfast., when we happened to know that there was a beach about 2.5km away from where we stayed. Yay!!! We decided to walk down the beautiful valley and located the Vanguinim beach. By far, the best beach I have ever visited in my life… It was like a private beach open to the public, but was sparely crowded, lush green parks on one side and the magnanimous waves hit us from the other side…

We would have missed to see this best spot in Goa had it not been for Mr. Rahul who told us about this place. We spent a good deal of time here and slowly climbed up the valley back , all the way singing songs and enjoying nature.

After a quick lunch, our last stop of the trip was DonaPaula view point. The huge breeze literally shoved us. We could not even stand there for a couple of minutes and rushed to a small cafe nearby and munched hot hot French fries,which was actually a bribe for all of us, as we decided to walk the distance of about 2.5 km to the guesthouse and we did. Soon after that, we packed up and started to the airport just to reach on time to check in at the gate( though,we started from the guesthouse 3 hours before the flight time).

Thus ended the much needed, awesome trip of the year, which I had been craving for,since my last pregnancy:) And yes… In style, vacationing with two kids is possible… πŸ™‚

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