Aku’s banter timeline

My younger son ( now 2years), went on saying the same thing again and again.

I passed a comment that he is behaving like a worn-out tape recorder.

Akash said, “Amma, not like that, like a GIF”.


Dec 22,2020:

Akash when asked his dad about something, dad said, “Ask mom”

Akash : Most of the dads are elder than moms, then how is it that dads don’t know anything and moms know everything??

Dec 6,2020:

Akash conversing with his grandma over phone at 8.45 PM on a week day.

A: paati, we are going to watch the movie, “the sound of music”

Paati: Now, don’t you have school tomorrow? When will you go to bed then?

A: paati, we won’t watch the whole movie, just BINGE WATCH for 15 mins.

Paati: @#₹_&+(

Dec 22,2020:

Dec 22 was National Mathematics day to commemorate Srinivas Ramanujan’s birthday.

I told this to Akash yesterday and he could not understand. I further explained that Ramanujan was a great mathematician like Shakuntala Devi( as we had watched that movie) and he understood.

Srini said, ” But Ramanujan did complex maths, you can do anything when you know maths. For eg. You can find the distance between two countries by looking at a map with the help of various parameters. ”

Akash: You told me distance is measured in kilometers, now you are saying “parameters.
Which is the right one?
We: 😐

May 19,2020:

I showed Aku a pic of my late grandfather.

Aku: Where is he now?

Me: He is dead.

Aku: Where did he die?

Me: In his house in Palakkad.

Aku: I have never seen him in that house in Palakkad.

Me: He died when you were in my tummy.

Aku: So he must be lying down( thinking

Dead means lying down) somewhere in that house, right?

Me: No, after he died, people burn his dead body.

Aku: Oh, why? Are people in Palakkad bad?

Me: No, no. We should not keep deadbodies at home. They would get decomposed.

Aku: Oh, what does decompose mean?

Me: Spoilt😒

Aku: Oh, like they become hard and thick and warm..

Me: (wondering what got spoilt while hard and thick and warm)… 😲

May 19,2020:

Tv showed an ad of shaadi. Com. Offer available till July 12.
Akash was watching this when I just walked past him. He called me and said, Amma, see, some offer on shaadi. Com till July 12.Lets buy soon.


Dec 20,2019:

Akash is learning the concept of ‘One’ and ‘Many’ at school. He knows ‘pen, pens’, ‘pencil, pencils’, like that. His first tooth fell off recently and I asked him if he knew the ‘one and many’ words for ‘pal'( tooth, in Tamil). I specifically asked in Tamil to understand if he knew both the words, “tooth” and “teeth”.

His answer: Pal and Pals

Oct 8,2019:

Aku: Amma, nishu is growing taller, weight also has increased. How come his age is not increasing?
Me: why! It is increasing. You tell me what his current age is.
Aku: Zero

Sep 21,2019:

I once read aloud a page of the novel I was reading “Origin in death” By Nora Roberts, When my elder one was around.
The next day he asks me, ” Can you read Dora Robots for me? ”

Aug 16,2019:

I made Akash’s favourite cone dosai(ghee roast) at home this morning. He was very happy.

I made simple plain dosas for me and my hubby.

Akash came in and asked, “Why aren’t you making more cone dosas for you and Appa? ”

Me: Because you are special and I know that you like them.

Akash: But you and Appa are special too, ma.


Jun 29,2019:

Akash shows his mother his grade 1 notebooks and gets the page signed by her(any parent) everyday.

Today, he asked his dad to sign and he did.

Akash complains to mom: amma, Appa is not signing properly. Teach him how to sign. (Because his sign was different than mine) 😀

Apr 28,2019:

Akash sorting some coloured beads.

Me: This colour is called baby pink.

Him: (showing me the darker pink) and this is the big pink.



Akash and I discussing about a clock.

Me: This is the long hand, this is the short hand and that is the second hand.

Him: Which one is the first hand then?


Apr 27,2019:

Me while giving Aku a bath: You don’t need this stool anymore, you have become tall enough for the wash basin.
Aku: We can use it for Nishaan then.
Me: Yes, of course.
Aku:When he grows, we ll give it away to some one who needs it.
Me: No, we can use to climb on to it when needed.
Aku: ok ok, when another baby comes in our house, we can use it.
Me: No, there won’t be any more babies in our house.
Aku: in my friend Rudh’s house, there are three babies(3 siblings they are), why can’t we?..

Apr 26,2019:

Akash’s tennis coach to Akash: Where is your school?
Akash: Near my house
TC:Where’s your house?
Akash:Near my school
TC: Ennaye kalaichitaya @@₹###&&

Jul 4,2018:

My son was cycling with his friends.They were riding too fast.In order to slow them down.
I said,” Why don’t you do a slow cycling race, the one who finishes last would be the winner!”
Akash: “And the one who finishes first?”
Me: “Loser”
They rode even faster and Akash came triumphant shouting”Yay, I’m the loser”

Feb 23,2018:

My kiddo while looking at my stretch marks asks,
“Amma, what is this uvva(wound) here.”
Me: Yea, I got them when you were inside my tummy.
Him: Sorry ma, inime Panna matten…(won’t do it again)

Sep 18,2017:

Akash was changing channels with the remote.
I was expecting him to stop at one of the kids channels.
He stopped at the channel which played old Shivaji Ganesan songs in black n white. And said, “Amma, let’s watch this.looks like a new song and looks different”
me: 🙄

Mar 12,2017:

Beetroot grass…a term coined by my toddler for the croton leaves which have the color of beetroot….he he.

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