Being a parent-An emotional battle

I have seen tears flowing from my parents’ eyes when I waved bye on my first day of school.

I have seen those tears when I first sat in the school bus to school, and when I go excursions with friends.

I have seen them flow happily everytime I discover something new.

I have seen them every weekend when they leave me with grandparents, despite knowing that I am in safe hands.

And yet again, when they got me married off with my loved one
And so forth…

Today and every day , right from the day I held my bundle of joy in my arms, I experience all of them. I realise that those were not mere water droplets from the eyes, but the downpour of emotional battle.

The toughest part of parenthood, according to me, is not the sleepless nights nor handling the tantrums,but , fighting these emotional battles day by day.

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