My words on “Flight or Fright”

Okay! So, I got some ME time of a good 4 hours approximately today. What a Wow!!. My husband and dear son were not at home. I first started off with fulfilling a long lost wish….Eating a Dairy milk Silk all by myself….(Hurray)..That was one hell of a child-like happiness, with no one to share with around. The next thing I did was to get my hands on this book, which was lying on one of the shelves at home for a few weeks now.
I was waiting for the time to read this and this was The-Day. The book started off with an intro of characters, the number of which, I felt was never-ending. But there was something which kept me reading. After some time, I really thought it was a remake of the tamil “Payanam” movie. I am a great fan of the movie,and hence, did not mind continuing with it. Soon, I got immersed in the story, imagining the nuances of each and every detail mentioned, which were way beyond what I had initially thought to be. I went through all the emotions of each and every character, while experiencing the Himalayan trek myself. The sheer hardwork of the author is well seen in every word of the book and is commendable. The book, kept me gripping, till the “Ripley’s Believe it or not” suspense at the end. This book is a must-read by all who love to read. I never finish a book if it is not interesting. And I am glad, I have utilised my ME- time thoroughly well today by completing the book, a feat which I used to achieve back when I was a student.
The name of this Goodread, is “Flight or Fright” and the books of this author, none other than the versatile and dynamic, Sudha Ramnath, are now part of my library collection.

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