Heaven’s ledge- A travel saga

Excitement and happiness in the air. It was the wedding of a dear friend in our team, the long awaited event as it was a really long time we had been out as a team.Alas, the trip started on a Friday, 2 days before the wedding. We , a group of 13 members, embarked our journey to Salem from Chennai through various modes of transport from office.

We were cheated by the chill weather (at this time of the year)on the way to Salem making our train journey sleepless and miserable.
Nevertheless, we were received at the railway station by the groom’s bro and we checked in at the Estancia Hotel.After a warm shower, all of us quickly got ready, had a sumptuous breakfast (like gluttons) and went to Hogenakkal for a one-day trip. The journey of 2 hours was enjoyable with all of us laughing and singing our throats out. We were welcomed there by the calm and pleasant waters on coracle rides. The experience was just serene and out of the world.

We reached back Salem well before the reception. After patiently decking oursleves up, we attended the function. Clicked some selfies and groupfies in the backdrop of the magnificent hall decor and went on to have the yummy lip-smacking dinner.This was followed by the DJ night, where some of us had a gala time dancing on the floor.

The next day , our groom tied the knot and we were happy to have graced the occasion. Now comes the interesting part,our TRIP to YERCAUD.

We reached Heaven’s Ledge, a resort right near the cliff edge, about 20 kms from Yercaud, which was deep inside the jungle. The first glimpse of the resort was breathtaking. The tents put up for us were an added beauty.

Quickly gobbled up some lunch. The next part of the trip was boating along a small lake. There were two pedal boats which we drove on and we spent our own sweet time fishing and boating. We went on a short trail uphill to view the sunset.

The orange rays narrowing down to a small shadow disappearing behind the hills was a visual treat.

We spent our chill evening in front of a bonfire listening to some good tunes and dancing. We rushed to the cozy tent after dinner and chatted all the way past midnight listening to some real/reel 😛 love stories.

The next day , we made it all the way up and downhill cycling happily. This was a much needed workout for all of us who have not moved a muscle for years together. This, along with the weather and the place , felt like paradise.

As we had a lot of time to board our train to Chennai, we literally killed time by visiting Kiliyur falls(where there was hardly any water, inspite of the 267 steps(Courtesy:Sowmya) which we had to climb down to reach the spot. The next spot was Pagoda point where we came to know that Pagodas are cave-like structures made by stacking up stones in a specific arrangement(as told by AK, the Thala :P).

The trip then came to a sluggish end after having a heartful dinner at Aasai Dosai restaurant in Salem .
That was one hell of a trip, rejuvenating and a much needed break for all of us amidst the hustle of the city and hectic schedules at work.

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