Whinings of a mom to a dad

I encounter power struggles throughout the day.
I patiently try to give him that complete bowl of food in 2hours.
I silently endure the pain of being hit,kicked and bitten by him.
I spend enormous energy in entertaining him in creative ways possible.
I go that one extra mile in getting rid of books and phones and facebook and whatsapp just to ensure he gets quality time.
I give him unconditional love just forgetting all the ordeals.

What is the role of the bigger “him” here?

Giving up after the little one refuses to take the first bite.
Giving up the child’s time in order to spend quality time on the phone and
Giving up after that first sign of whining.
Giving up after he refuses the first sip of milk.

Oh, yeah. I forgot ..He has donated the sperm. What a big contribution!
What does a mom get in all this?
The tag “Patientless angry woman” and that during PMS. Is it not the role of a husband to be her mother and fill the gap when she most needs it? Doesn’t she deserve more care atleast now than abusing or accusing her of impatience ?

I seriously wish to have a boon where the physical roles are reversed.Its high time men start understanding their own wives,if not women.

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