A mom writes….

I am a new mom,    
I am an experienced mom.
    Yes..Im a mom.Stop judging me.

I carry my child on my hip,
I lovingly chase him while he runs in front of me,being careful,nevertheless.
      Stop asking, “Why doesn’t he walk or why doesnt he sit on the stroller?”   

I teach him to talk, dance, draw.
I teach him to be calm and patient.
      Stop ordering me to teach him what you have taught your child.

I breastfeed my child for two years,
I decide to give him a bottle.
    Stop advising me about his diet.

I hug him when he cries or whines,
I raise my voice for the same sometimes.
      Stop dictating me on how to treat my child.

I feed my child while he watches videos.
I also do while he runs around and creates a mess.
     Stop prescribing me ways to make him eat.

Every mom has to wear different hats everyday.
Every mom has her own shoes to wear.                                     
A few words of love to all the moms.
Every child is unique and will never remain a baby. Soon, there will dawn
a day when you will not be allowed to carry him, bathe him, feed him,play with him.
Consider them precious moments and not as duties.     

Instead of thinking “how to deal with a fussy toddler”, think “how to create fun in the fuss”.

Dedicated to all moms. Sincerely wishing all of you a beautiful journey with your little ones while they are little.

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