A trip to the beautiful state of Georgia

“And the mountains echoed”-

Yes, Srini, Akash and I called the mountains and they echoed. The Blue Ridge mountains.

We wanted to go on a long drive road trip for so many months and finally decided that the time has now come.Considering our little one, we planned to take a flight one-way. Thanks to allegiantair once again, lucky to have got one-way tickets for $55 a person from Clearwater to Chattanooga,TN.

As soon as we got down we rented a car from the airport, which was booked in advance($45 for 3 days including 2drivers and insurance) and drove straight to Amicalola Falls State park in Georgia.The mountain roads and the chill breeze and the music,was all we needed.Lovely drive to the top of the falls.

After discussing over a lot of ambiguities ,we decided to take the strenuous trail,so it said.πŸ˜€, of around 600 steep steps down to the base of the falls. We were glad we did it. Akash (21 months ) had a great time splashing in the water and throwing little pebbles causing ripples. The wonderful cascade was a pleasure to the eyes, and this was much higher than the Niagara.


We were back up to the top of the falls just in time to save ourselves from the heavy rain which followed. Off we went to our hotel in Blue Ridge($130 for 2 nights thanks to Expedia). We took a walk in the downtown thinking that Christmas was the most happening day,but we were turned down by not seeing a single soul on the streets and the shops being shut.What not!waffle house was the only place open to eat. πŸ˜€.we gobbled up everything possible like hungry ravens.

Day2- Boarded the Blue ridge scenic railway train for an awesome sight-seeing experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the train ride amidst dense forests,crossing little streams alongside the Toccoa river(aka Ocoee river in Tennesee), the creepy-looking cabins, the horse farm and we also spotted two beautiful deer chasing each other. The train stopped for 2 hours in the border.(Mccaysvill,GA/Copperhill,TN), just enough for all of us to pose for pictures of us in two states, and for lunch and some shopping.The train ride back to Blue ridge was a recap of the beautiful scenic paths.


We headed off to Blue RidgeLake Marina quickly to spend some time relaxing and clicking some selfies.


Day3- We had to head back to Tampa on this day,yet ,did not want to leave the serenity of the mountains so soon. Headed straight to Fall Branch Falls and had a good glimpse of the mesmerizing beauty,yet again.


The long 12- hour journey on road followed.

And here we are,back home,sweet home after a wonderful trip(under $500,all inclusive,woo hoo!)

And the mountains echoed!πŸ˜€


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