How I lost 27 pounds in 5 months with no fitness rituals

Yes, you read it right. I lost my post pregnancy flab of 27 pounds in 5 months.
I was 141 pounds in my 8th week of pregnancy and put on a full 30 more pounds at the time of delivery. What was my weight then?(171,yes!) . With a baby in hand and breastfeeding, one burns at least 500 calories a day. Thanks to that, I reached down to 152 pounds when my son turned 1. Though I had lost these pounds, I still felt bad about being fat and worried if I would remain this way. It was then that I decided that I should do something to get back on track. Here are some minor changes I made to my everyday routine which has led me to shed 27 pounds more.

1. Check body weight the first thing in the morning ( this helped in keeping me motivated)
2.Start your morning with a glass of warm water and honey.
3. Identified the number of calories that needs to be consumed as per my height and age.( thanks to myfitnesspal app)
4. Have a heavy breakfast (I realized that a full meal I eat on a regular basis is about 500-600 calories)
5. Drink at least 2-3litres of water everyday.
6. Have lunch at the same time everyday with a lesser portion size(even if you are not hungry)
7. Drink half cup of tea instead of 1cup in the morning and evening (I am a tea/coffee addict)
8. Eat dinner before 7 pm or 7.30 pm(maximum). This is a very important and the most difficult step.

I ate my dinner of rotis or rice or fruits. I did not abstain from any kind of food. But I tracked my calories in case I had a craving for sweets or oily snacks and adjusted the calorie count for the day. If I felt hungry later, I drank water and let the hunger subside. Most of the time, we confuse thirst with hunger and that’s the reason of overeating. This may not be he perfect diet plan but it worked for me.

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