Growing together

It has been some while I wrote an article. This one is about a playgroup or children’s workshop I started visiting with Akash 4 months ago.

“Growing together “- this is what the playgroup is called. It is a workshop once every week for 5 consecutive weeks. Let me describe our experiences of one of the days here.

The children are greeted with a child-friendly ambience with music in the background,the room with a carpet of pictures and a lot of colorful toy instruments. Miss Nancy’s welcoming smile only endears the children more who throng inside the room to have their share of instruments. Then the shaking and rattling music begins with her welcoming each child with sounds and colors.

It’s fun to watch the actions of every kid swaying to the tunes of “the wheels on the bus” or ” Old Macdonald had a farm”.
After this, the kids are led to a table with colorful chairs to perform crafts and arts.
Be it,the sketch pens,watercolors ,play dough or spray paint, the Picassos and Michelangelos in them take their forms and voila!, we have precious wall posters in minutes.

The other sensory activities involve a lot of fine and gross motor skills development which include inserting pegs through thermocole holes , links and keys, etc.. The kids are great in innovating new ways of playing with these.

The tired yet not-so-tired tots then start moving around to pop bubbles which create magic in the air.”One little,two little,three little bubbles……”

Last,but not the least,it’s time for crackers. Yes, this is learning time too .
They learn to socialize and be independent at the same time along with developing all their sensory skills. At the end of the day,we indeed grow together.

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