A word of thanks to my teachers at school


A few days back, my friend and I were having a chat of the good old school days.Though we were able to remember a lot of memories, I was surprised by how she could not remember the names of all the teachers who had taught us. I contemplated over this and decided that there might be a time when I may tend to forget the names,too. ( I wish that never happens!) Why not dedicate a page now with the names of all those great people who have moulded and groomed me.

Here we go.
Class 1- Ms. Rosario
Class 2- Ms.Alphonsa
Class 3- Ms. Dreary aka Ms. Chikki
Class 4- Ms. Blossom
Class 5- Ms. Jessie
Class 6- Ms. Usha
Class 7- Ms. Agnes
Class 8- Ms. Immaculate
Class 9 & 10- Ms. Alice

Other special teachers- Ms. Banu, Ms. Shanti, Ms. Shanti(dance teacher), Late Ms. Samson, Late Ms. Lizzeth, Ms. Saroja (Hindi), Ms. Raji, Ms. Prema, Ms. Padma, Ms. Jones, Ms. Rukmini

It would be unfair if I forget to mention the most capable and supportive principal I had ever known, Sister Hazel Pais.

A big thank you to all of you, for helping me build a strong foundation of my personality. I am indebted to each one of you who have imparted your knowledge, values and morals, technical and personal.

Without you, I couldn’t have climbed the ladder of success in all walks of my life so far. You continue to motivate me and help me walk with my head held high.

Thank you all. Happy teachers day…😀😀😀

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