Motherhood or childhood???


I chase squirrels every morning wishing them “Hello” and “good morning “.
I stop by the staircase to greet Mr.Lizard who hovers around waiting to take a peek at my little son.
I take a moment to look at the cute tiny pink lilies low on the ground.
I step on small dried leaves to hear them crumble..(isn’t that music?…)
I look at the clouds to examine the weather and never miss to wave bye to the aeroplanes passing by.
I walk and walk and walk until I reach the parking side curb..(hey wait,let me try jumping over this long piece of cement..)
I check the mailbox to see if there is mail and enjoy the mechanical open-close of the door again and again in spite of the mailbox being empty.
I stop by to make way for a passing truck or car.
The chatter of the birds is music to my ears,
The rustling of the leaves is a beautiful song.
The barking of a dog, the sound of the breeze,the hustle of the plane,are all the wonderful sounds I stop to listen.

These are all the few little things which make me smile and laugh , which have become less noticeable with time. Is this a part of motherhood or childhood? Is my son getting to know the world better and that it’s a beautiful place or is he teaching me that life is indeed beautiful if we ponder over and make time to cherish all the God-given gifts?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and….

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder….
True, indeed….


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