Rava Payasam

Here’s an easy and quick recipe of Rava Payasam.

1. Boil 3 cups milk with 1 cup of water.
2. Meanwhile heat 2 tbspn ghee in a pan and roast a few cashewnuts and raisins. Once they are roasted, keep them aside.
3.In the same pan, now add about 7 tbspns rava(sooji) and roast it till nice aroma arises.
4.Once the milk boils completely,add rava in it ,stirring continuously.Keep stirring till the milk thickens and the rava is completely cooked.
5.Add 1/2 cup sugar and stir till it dissolves completely.
6. Switch off the stove and add cardamom powder(1/4 tspn), the roasted cashewnuts and raisins.

Yummy payasam is ready to be served hot.:)

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