Miracles do happen….

I have never believed in miracles till I got to view one.Let me share with you some instances of Baba’s miracles which I have heard of before I mention about the one I happened to witness.

  • One of my colleagues brought viboodhi(ashes) to office one day.He said there was a sudden sprinkle of white powder from the wall just above Shirdi Baba’s picture.On feeling and smelling it, he and his family members realised that it was viboodhi(Udi). I was amazed at this on hearing it for the first time. Though there were a lot of skeptical questions in my mind, I quietly believed it and praised Him.
  •  I used to visit the Shirdi Baba temple in BTM often when I lived in Bangalore.I always used to feel the divine bliss everytime I prostrate before Baba’s idol there. I used to forget my presence at that moment completely.  One day, there was an unusual crowd gathered in the temple. I thought it must have been some auspicious day. Later I found that this miracle had taken place and that people from near and far had started visiting this temple. One of the eyes of Baba, which were closed , suddenly opened and remained so for some time. I was so surprised and sad that I was not lucky enough to have seen that in spite of having visited it so many times.Again, there were a lot of questions in my mind on this incident.I quietly praised Him again.
  •  It was a Saturday and I cribbed a lot that I had to go to office for work on a weekend.It was on that afternoon when I, along with my friends, were busy doing some validation in office, that I received a phone call from a friend who stayed nearby. She said that she was witnessing a Baba miracle in a supermarket shop nearby.I told my friends , who were with me and all of us were eager to witness the same. We informed our colleagues and the four of us headed towards the shop. The news of the miracle was spreading far and wide and people had started to throng the place.I entered the shop only to find that Baba’s cheeks shone and his feet were wet. On noticing Him closely, we found that honey was flowing from His eyes and toes. We were elated . My eyes filled with tears on witnessing this wonderful sight.The shopkeepers distributed honey and ghee to all who were present there.On enquiring about when they first identified about this, the owner of the shop stated as follows,

” I had asked my son to bathe the idol of Baba in the evening.Suddenly the cheeks started glowing. We thought that it was because he had washed Him with panneer(rose water). Later, my little  grand-daughter went near the idol and licked the water near Baba’s feet.She said that the water is brown in color and it is sweet.On hearing this, we went near and checked out only to be amazed that it was a mixture of honey and ghee which had started flowing from His feet.Happily, we shut the shop as usual and retired back home. The next morning we opened the shop only to find that the whole floor was filled with honey and ghee(There was not a single ant or fly there)….”

      We were overjoyed on hearing this and left the place happily.We were all the more happy that we     had been lucky to have witnessed the miracle and thanked Him for this(and for having called us for work on a Saturday!!!) As I had stated above, I had not believed in miracles before I actually saw this and my faith in Him, has increased all the more. I am attaching a picture of Baba here for all of you who read this, to witness.

                                                     Om Sai Ram….

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