The joy of being a homemaker

I am forced to write this post today after I got some responses for my previous post. I know that the timing of my previous post was inaccurate.Anyways,I would like to share some of my new (joyful) discoveries about myself here.Rather, how my opinion has changed on certain things.

I thought that people who play games and watch cartoons were puerile  I discovered that I like being so.Had never assumed that I could spend so many hours on gaming(Thanks to fb, I am addicted to Candy crush Saga  and Criminal Case and Pyramid Solitaire Saga and oh, did I forget, Half the Sky Movement..)I realized there is a joy in this addiction.

I thought that people who baked cakes and made tasty biscuits are experts in all forms of cooking until I explored my way in preparing dishes from various cuisines.Come on, I am used to the conventional homely cooking right from those days before marriage.And now, I talk to Srini about inaugurating a new restaurant back in my home country. I realized there is a joy in cooking the impossible(possible).

I thought that not-so-fat people who hit the gym were wasting a lot of time and energy.And now,here I am, hitting the gym almost everyday(trying to) in order to keep fit.I realized there is a joy in the rejuvenation I achieve everytime I burn out a few calories(even if it is, just 80 calories a day:D)

I thought that I had lost my golden voice(as some of my friends used to say back in college).I started to recollect some good old collection of devotional songs which I had learnt during childhood.I began to practise them and record my own versions of those songs. I realized there is a joy in singing again (even if I don’t sound like a nightingale.)

I thought that sleeping was the best hobby ever and had always wanted to take short naps in afternoons when I couldnt, as I was working.Guess what, I hate to sleep in the afternoons now. I found that I loved to utilise this time in learning new things.I gathered a couple of my friends, who I think are in the similar state as I am, and started learning a language.We learned a few words of French.I realized there is a joy in conversing in a new language with them(even if it is just the basic Salut!!!Comment vas-tu???. which means, Hello, How are you???)

I thought that watching English movies were boring.I had always preferred desi ones to English.And now, here I am, watching movie after movie ,English,and only English. I realized there is a joy even in watching English movies(be it an action movie or a thriller or a romance or a comedy)

I thought blogs are for those who wanted to improve their vocabulary.Yeah, I have always written short articles for school and corporate magazines. And here I am, penning down all my thoughts.I realized a joy in sharing my views(even if it is just a doodle, as my blog title says!!!)

Hey,does the whole thing above look similar to what you have read somewhere else?Holy crap!!!No,no. I am not plagiarizing.:)
This is the way every H4B dependant spends his/her time.The next time someone asks me what do you do the whole day when your husband is off at work, I am not gonna use the cliche,”Velai -Illa pattadhaari”(meaning, jobless degree holder, in Tamil).That is a phrase I have borrowed from one of my friends..:P. Instead,my answer is,”I have no time to finish off all the things in a day which brings me so much joy. “

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