Mission America!!!

After having known to have a work experience of more than 6 years in India,its hard to believe that I resigned my job. I was all prepared to go for it from the time Srini flew without me.Nothing in the world was important at that moment other than joining him.I waited for my notice period of 2 months(which was like 200 months for me) to get over soon.Being without your loved one around is the worst thing I have ever experienced.And guess what!!!Time flew and I boarded my first international flight to London.Hurrah!!!Here I come, America!!!I thought aloud.

The excitement and anxiety to meet Srini after two long months grew higher as I flew higher.Disembarked at London and boarded the next ongoing flight.Smooth enough so far!!!I started watching English Vinglish movie as soon as I boarded this flight. Enjoyed the complete  movie thoroughly only to find out that the plane had not budged a bit from the terminal.Due to some technical issues, all of us, passengers, were kept waiting for 3 hours.Not delaying further, the plane took off and I reached Chicago airport. The queue for immigration was so long(The Tirupati darshan queues were better, I should say).Here comes Ripleys believe it or not. The transition time of 5 and a half hours were not enough and I missed my connecting flight to Tampa.(Not another eternity before meeting my dear one).I headed towards the British airways counter only to find a few more passengers in a similar state as I.All of us were given coupons for dinner and accommodation at Holiday Inn.You may ask why!!!The next flight was available only the next morning.Phewwww!!!

Thanks to Lavanya,a passenger who I befriended quickly,I was able to convey the info to Srini, who was already waiting at the Tampa airport.The whole lot of us, including Lavanya and me, headed towards Holiday Inn and somehow killed the night.I got a creepy feeling and imagined all the horror movie characters live around me.Hard night it was and I did not sleep for fear of missing the next flight,too, which was scheduled @5 am.
The next morning, the whole journey was about to end when I was stopped at the United Airlines counter for having one of the baggages overweighed. I was asked to swap some items from the bag to another.Now, now,the zipper of the other bag had got jammed as I had waited for more than an hour in the freezing cold the previous night (-2 degrees Celcius). I managed to put some stuff in my cabin baggage and also managed to gain some sympathy from the lady at the counter. She warned me once and wished me a safe journey. I thanked God for this and moved on praying for no more delays.
There I was , after 2 hours of journey, in front of Srini, at the airport, who had equally been stressed out and anxious on not having seen me so long.
And yeah, the king and the queen happily lived everafter. Thats the usual ending of the story. Wow. I was happy too that the whole problem is over.
And now,a new problem. How do I kill my time everyday?????

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