Ignorance is not BLISS,its FOOLISHNESS

Have you ever known about a massive conversion from Hindus/Christians to Muslims which is on the roll for many years now…I bet most of you are not aware, or rather, choose to be ignorant even if you have heard of it….
I am sad and ashamed to quote here that our own Kerala, God’s own country, known for its rich cultural heritage, has fallen a prey to the most dangerous virus, known as Love Jihad.(Other states have their part , too…but Kerala tops the list)

Let me elaborate or try to educate all of you who are ignorant on this…..
Jihadi Romeos are found in almost every street in India. You may find them all over our neighbourhood. They are none other than our own Muslim brothers(just trying to relate the line of our pledge, which has no value in today’s world….”All Indians are my brothers and sisters”)……Many girls get wooed away with the Jihadi romeos(I must say, they have that goddamn talent). They have the ability to control the girl’s mind whom they target as a prey and in turn, innocent and naive young girls, even school-going kids start believing in their philosophies and become victims of Love Jihad. Those guys succeed in getting these little girls converted to Islam, making them believe that it is the only religion,making them believe that the girls’ loving families, their culture which they have been bred with from birth, is all fake. How clever these people are at hypnotising young girls(Hindus and Christians) and trap them!!

Now you may be thinking that this is what happens to anyone who falls in love with an inter-caste/inter-religious person.If you think so, you are wrong, my dear friend..Its time for us to open our eyes and understand more about these Jihadis and give a helping hand to all those who are being victimised. You may be wondering this is just news which you read on papers. This might not happen in your family to your daughters and sisters.

Wake up…If you dont want to see your daughter or sister in a burqa, married to Jihadis as one of their wives(Polygamy is legal in Islam, if you dont know that)…
Wake up, if you dont want to see your sister helping increase the Islamic population(This is exactly the motive of Jihadis)…
Wake up, if you dont want to see your sister suffering the brutalities after marriage.
Wake up, to save your sister, to save your daughter.
Stop blaming your girls for have fallen in love and start educating them, counselling them right now about these known facts.
Stop reading about murders and rapes in the newspapers and start acquainting yourself with something which will help you save your culture as well as the girls in your families.

What if…such a gruesome thing happens to your daughter/sister…..The number of victims have been innumerous so far….It is better to be aware and start taking the necessary steps instead of being ignorant and regret later. It is high time we all join together and do this to revive back our Kerala, our India, our HINDUSTAN…….

For more facts and details and to increase your knowledge on this, please visit the website,www.haindavakeralam.org.

I am not a fanatic.I am not a preacher. I am not part of any community. I am not an activist. I am an ordinary citizen of India who am deeply ashamed of these happenings and with tears in my eyes, writing this post and trying to awaken people’s minds. JAIHIND!!!

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