Paal Payasam(Kheer)

Procedure to make Kheer/Paal payasam.

Boil 8 cups of milk in a vessel.
Grease a kadai with ghee and add 5 spoons of raw rice and fry for some time.Then turn off the stove and coarsely powder this fried rice(not too fine).Put it back in the kadai. Add the boiled milk , close the lid and cook on medium flame. Keep stirring often to avoid the contents from getting burnt at the bottom.This may take more than 45 minutes as the whole procedure should be done on medium flame only and the rice has to be cooked well, too.When the quantity shrinks to half, add 1 full cup of sugar and keep stirring.Once it gets thick, check if the rice is boiled well and switch off the flame.Now sprinkle cardamom powder and mix well.

Finally, take a kadai. Heat some ghee and add the nuts(cashews,raisins).Fry them for a while and add this into the payasam.

Yummy fragrant pal payasam is now ready.

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