Jetboarding weekend..:)

After having an amazing weekend, I would not be doing the right thing if I dont pen about it here.Let me share with you my experience of Jetboarding(Not Jet ski) .

My hubby and I are lovers of adventure sports , trekking, travelling, etc… As soon as we had come across this deal, we instantly booked our dates for jetboarding. The deal had a promotional offer of 109$ per person instead of the actual 250$.We waited for April 13,Saturday.

Holding our spirits high, we started towards St. Pete beach(about 22 miles from my place). The beach looked a lovely blue, calm and serene, a lot different from our Besant Nagar and Marina. (Dont get me wrong, I love the beaches in Chennai..:))…Off we went looking out for Ironmon(not ironman) sports. I was skeptical about this whole deal(wondered if Ironmon actually existed) as the name sounded funny.Luckily, we found a red banner with Jetboarding written on it. And guess what, Ironmon was true(he he).

The lady-in-charge gave us some forms to be filled out and then asked us to go to a boat which was anchored in the middle of the sea.(Wait!!!!Isnt there any transportation for us to reach the boat). We had to paddle our way towards the boat on a surfboard.This was a Herculean task for both of us as we did not know swimming.After a struggle against the waves and keeping our focus towards the boat, we reached it safe. The people in charge of jetboarding(the Ironmons, not ironmen:P) were amused that we had paddled all the way without knowing to swim and (hold your breath) without life jackets on. We came to know that the sea got very deep near the boat.(God , thank you!!)

I had seen videos of jetboarding and thought that it was so easy. But it was totally not true. We were given all the gears and equipment and pushed into the water. We had to control the propulsion using our feet,which was damn difficult as the shoes were not two separate ones(It was like our feet were tied together)and I did not do well..:(
It was a pleasant sight to watch my hubby propel it well enough to fly high and then fall (like a dolphin).Its more lovely to watch than to do it yourself. I dont have any pictures of the experience as you all know about the struggle we had with the paddle boats.But lemmepost some pic of the sport so that you may visulaize what I have been talking about.

We paddled our way back to the shore deciding that we will return some time later to experience the thrill of paddling(not jetboarding, he he!)..

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