Beans paruppu usili

Paruppu usili is a well-known Tanjore dish which can be made with Beans , Avarakkai(Broad beans) , Kothavarangai,and Vazha poo(the flower of a banana plant) mainly, the fourth version being the most healthiest.I have mentioned here about beans paruppu usili. The process is similar to all the other versions.

Grind chana dal(1/2 a cup) along with red chillies(2), green chillies(4), salt and hing or asafoetida(1/4 spoon) by just sprinkling water if needed.

Now, prepare round doughs with this mixture and steam them in a cooker for 10 minutes without placing the whistle placing them on a plate inside.Once this done, allow the pressure to be released before opening the cooker. Transfer the steamed doughs onto a plate and break the doughs with your hand to make them powdery.

Chop beans into really small pieces and boil them well.

Heat little oil in a kadai, add urad dal(1 spoon) and then add the powdered batter.Fry this for a while. Then add the boiled beans and fry the whole mixture for some time till the batter stops sticking to the sides of the kadai.

Bean parupu usili is ready to be served.

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