Aama vadai or paruppu vadai

Soak channa dal(3 cups) for 3 hours. Then drain out dal and grind along with red chillies(6),hing or asafoetida(2 spoons), salt,green chillies(3) and curry leaves without adding water(You may sprinkle a few drops if it is too hard)

You may fry some onions and add them to this vadai batter.Since I made it on New years day, I avoided onions.
Now make round balls of this mixture.Flatten them with your hands(like the shell of a tortoise).

Heat a kadai with oil. The kadai should be heated really well in order to prepare this vadais.
Drop a pinch of the batter in oil . If it floats up immediately, then the oil is ready to be cooked.Hurray.
Now drop the flattened doughs carefully into the oil and allow them to cook till they are brown in color. You may need to turn the vadais after some time so that both the sides get an even color.

I got 31 vadais using this quantity enough to be stored for 3 days and eaten.

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