Rajma Masala

Back in my hostel days, when I saw Rajma Masala at the mess downstairs, I instantly knew it was a Thursday. Those were the first few days when I had tasted this new dish. Being from the down south, I was not aware of this dish. And now, after so many years, its still one of my favorite dishes. I love to prepare this , especially,when I have guests at home, especially.

Ingredients needed:

Rajma- 2cups(I like the dark brown ones than the lighter ,coz it gives a nice color).This has to be soaked overnight.

Red chillies-4
Chilly powder
Turmeric powder
Garam masala
Ginger Garlic paste

Boil the rajma(soaked overnight) in a pressure cooker. Allow upto 8 to 9 whistles.(It has to boil well)
Cut the onions and tomatoes into fairly big pieces.
Grind onions , tomatoes and red chillies without adding water.

Now in a kadai, heat oil and add mustard.
Once it splutters, add jeera(1 tspn).
Then add ginger garlic paste(1 tspn) and fry.
Now add the ground mixture.
To this , add turmeric powder and salt.
Allow it to cook well till the raw smell disappears.
Now add the cooked and drained rajma(do not throw away the rajma water which was used to boil).
Add garam masala and chilli powder.
Mix this well and allow it to thicken. If it is very thick, you may add the water which was kept aside.

Garnish with coriander leaves, raw onion(finely chopped),finely chopped green chillies and lemon juice(few drops).

Rajma masala is ready to be served with rice or roti/parathas.


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