Cabbage Thogaiyal

I had once prepared thogaiyal or thuvaiyal with cabbage and there is this friend of mine who kept on pestering me on how to prepare this.She  used to hate cabbage and now she loves to eat it this way.

Here is the recipe for all those like her who would like to know this.

Cabbage- 1/2
Urad dal-4 tspns
Tamarind-1 lemon size
Hind or asafetida- 1/2 spoon
Red chillies- 4 to 5(if you want, you may make it more spicy)

Take oil in a kadai and heat it.Add mustard. Once it splutters, add urad dal and fry till it changes color.

You may transfer the fried urad dal to a plate or container.

Now , in the kadai, fry cabbage(chopped well). While it is being fried, add salt, red chillies, tamarind(1 ball),hing.
Fry well till the cabbage is cooked well.

Grind all the above along with the fried urad dal in a mixer. If it is too thick, you may very little water while grinding. Generally it is not needed as thogaiyal needs to be thick.

Cabbage Thogaiyal is ready to be served with rice. The usual procedure to eat this is to mix this with rice along with 2 tspns of oil.

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