Weekend trek to Nagalapuram

What are the first things which flash when you hear the word “team outing”.
1.        Lunch
2.        Dinner
3.        Resort
Guess what was the place which came in the minds of the Mediaroom people in Chennai.        ” Nagalapuram ranges”. Wondering what this is??….This is a hill in Andhra Pradesh, 90 kms from Chennai, which ranges upto Tada and further extends to Venkateshwara and Tirupati hills. After a lot of hiccups in finalizing this spot, the daredevils decided to give it a shot.
Some of our friends got an opportunity to watch the sunrise in Chennai as we all assembled in RR-4 @ 5am. :). The bus with 30 members started off to Nagalapuram, with breaks for tea and breakfast on its way.
The drive was tiresome with the sun right above our heads at the moment. We reached the place which looked as dry and barren as a desert from where we started our trek. The trail was accompanied by different landscapes on the way, from streams to dry areas to steep terrains and valleys inside the forest. There were tough boulders to climb on and a few interesting streams to cross across. The water in the streams was as clear as crystal, a never-seen sight in the busy metropolitan city of Chennai.The brave souls trekked for 3 hours uphills, despite the hot weather and other obstacles which lay ahead to reach the magic pool. Yes, there was indeed some magic in this pool, which was around 50 ft deep. There was joy and smiles on all the faces at the very sight of water. People played, dived, swam, splashed in water, not the least, we had carried swimming tubes too, for the non-swimmers. We had coconut bolis and apples for lunch by the side of the pool. After having a gala time, we trekked back the distance and reached the point where we had started from. Was there anyone to accept that the fun factor was missed? It was indeed a much awaited break for the Mediaroom folks inspite of their hectic schedule.

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