wanna know about hostel life?

Innocent faces entering the administrative building for admission,some along with their parents were the few sights I saw on August 19th.(Yes,my friends,the D-day,the day when I was admitted in this institution).Next were the terrifying seniors in my hostel who really scared me in the beginning.
The first thing any person experiences when one enters a hostel is RAGGING.The word sounds illegal,rt?.But it isnt that terrific.Its one of the ways to overcome one’s shyness,inferiority complex,nervousness and above all,a gateway to begin true relationships with batchmates and seniors.As for me,I had a great experience during the ragging period,be it enjoyment or torture or irritation.

After this period,one gets close with all his/her batchmates .Dance parties,maggi parties n all the fun starts.Some of the moments which the day scholars really miss out in their lives are staying awake late at night(except a few who sit n slog at nite!),the hoos n haas in the hostel,waiting in the queue for the buckets of water to get heated, the altercations which occur during mess meetings,the mess food(most important) and of course,the power of reading each other’s minds.It is a big family outside home.

And now,the time has come for the final yearites to depart and go away from this huge family,yet,our minds are filled with memories,happy and sad,which will remain forever.
So friends,all those who feel tht hostelites are always out of control n that they dont put up a good image of themselves,better start believing that you can never find a person ,adjusting with any kind of circumstances, other than a hostelite.

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